Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: a survival guide
Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: A survival guide
Kate Gilbert
I wrote this book to give people who have polymyalgia rheumatica, or giant cell arteritis, and their friends and carers, information about these illnesses. It draws on recent research, case studies, and my own experience, to give insight into what it is like to have these conditions, and how sufferers and those close to them can help themselves in the management of their recovery.
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'This book should be prescribed on diagnosis'

'This book is a lifesaver'

John Downing-Gaineson, on 27th February, 2015

Susan George, 25th March 2015

This book Has taught me more about my illness (GCA), than I could know from other sources. It is my best buy, EVER !!!
The book is thoroughly researched, up to date, and patient friendly, but still technical enough to satisfy the most demanding of those who want to understand. If you have PMR/GCA as I do, reading this book is almost as essential as the prednisolone. Thank you Kate Gilbert you have contributed immeasurably to my management of PMR.

The Bible of PMR!

'A Must for Any PMR/GCA Sufferer'

Tracey, 16th January 2015

This book has really helped to make sense of the bewilderment of having been diagnosed with this little known debilitating illness. It is written in far more depth, but easily understood, than the basic literature available from the rheumatology society. Its definitely beginning to feel like my bible for PMR and handy to dip in and out of for family and friends too.

Sue, Dorset, on 4th March, 2014

Brilliant book, written by a fellow sufferer in plain English describing exactly what I am going through. Buy it now.

Medical Opinions

Dr Helen Twohig University of Sheffield

18th May 2015

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"This is an excellent book, informative for people with the condition, their friends and families, clinicians and researchers alike. It's very comprehensive with a good mix of clearly explained, balanced clinical information alongside anecdote and humour making it engaging and readable. Thankyou Kate for all your hard work."

Dr Simon P Kelly Ophthalmic Surgeon

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21st June 2015

"I was very pleased to find this book on PMR and GCA. I was even more please to read it. It is well written and topical and bang up to date with useful references and weblinks. It will be of interest to patients, carers and clinical staff."